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What You Should Know About Discount Prescription Cards

ID-100143428If you are struggling with a lifelong illness or disease, there is no escape from prescription fees, but if you are one of the millions in the U.S. without insurance, your troubles are worse than most. Those living with diabetes have no choice but to take medication to regulate their blood sugar, but without insurance you may find yourself giving up food in order to pay for your medications. There is hope with a legitimate discount prescription card. These cards offer discounts on all your medications, with the addition of onglyza coupons to help you save even more. No longer will you have to struggle underneath the weight of necessary prescriptions, you can trust the right company to put money back into your pocket.

Discount Cards Are Not Insurance

Be wary of companies claiming to act as insurance and who charge you fees to use their cards. The right cards are free and provide deals that benefit both you and the stores that accept them. Often you can even use these cards with the insurance you do have to fill in the gaps when buying prescriptions. These cards provide you rates that match the rates given to those holding insurance cards from preferred networks or large insurance companies. Read more…

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Positive Thinking and Health

ID-10097419Healthy mind is essential for healthy life and in modern scientific perspective there can be no good health state without good (peace) thinking. Positive thinking affects health positively and negative thinking can have effect health negatively and adversely. Health as defined by WHO (World Health Organization) is a state of physical and mental well-being and not merely absence of disease. The definition of health by WHO explain, why positive thinking mind is essential for a good healthy life. Many experts are advocating adding the term “spiritual well being” in the WHO definition of health, as it is seen that if you are spiritually healthy, you are healthier physically, but many experts are there who do not agree to this addition.

Let me explain about positive thinking in my own ways. One day you find food prepared at your home is not palatable or not to your linking (you dislike that particular food prepared). If you have positive thinking mind you will “diet” that day and not be unhappy that you can loose few calories without planning it, but if you have a negative thinking you will get annoyed and make an issue of it and disturb peace of family and home. Now you should think if peace of family members is absent can you or your family members be healthy? Think the other way; the person who lost some calories, he/she will be happy to lose a few calories (skipping one meal does not a lean person leaner or thinner) and healthy as a result. Read more…

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How to Prevent Niacin Deficiency?

ID-100167598Niacin deficiency in diet cause pellagra and it is a serious disease. Pellagra is a preventable serious disease and prevention of pellagra and other niacin deficiency disorders is not difficult at all.

What is the daily requirement of niacin? 

The daily requirement of niacin (RDA or Recommended Daily Allowance of niacin) is approximately 6.6 mgs per 1000 kcal of energy intake e.g. if a person is consuming 3,000 kcal of energy per day he/she will require 19.8 mgs of niacin per day. For adults the normal requirement is generally 15-20 mgs per day. During pregnancy additional 2 mgs per day is required and during lactation (breast feeding) and additional 3 mgs per day is required. For infants the daily requirement is approximately 650-700 mcg per kilo of body weight.

The main aspect of prevention of niacin deficiency and pellagra is to educate the vulnerable population about the seriousness of the disease and also to make them understand that pellagra is easily preventable. The only thing required to prevent pellagra is to bring some variation in the food we eat and addition of milk and any food of animal origin is enough to prevent niacin deficiency and pellagra which is universally accepted as the way of prevention of pellagra. As niacin deficiency and pellagra is generally seen only in maize eating population addition of another cereal with maize in the staple diet can also prevent the disease to some extent. Read more…

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What is Health

ID-10081581We all know about health and understand what health is. But very few of us know exactly what health is according to authorities on health, like WHO (World Health Organization). All of us may think we know what health is, but unfortunately we do not know what health is exactly. Many of us know what health is only superficially and have a general understanding of health in broad way. But unfortunately we do not know the exact definition of health.

Different authorities have defined health differently, but the most widely accepted (and most likely the best definition) definition of health is given by World Health Organization, which defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely absence of infirmity or disease”.
Recently in the definition of health this is also added: “able to lead a socially and economically productive life” by World Health Organization. But this definition is criticized by many authorities as too it being too broad. Many people also argue that health can not be a “state” as defined by World Health Organization, and health should be seen as a continuous adjustment process to the changing demands of modern day life as well as changing meaning of life in the light of modern lifestyle. Read more…

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Health Benefits of Walking

ID-100161844We all know walking and other physical activities and physical exercise, especially aerobic physical exercise is beneficial to us to live a healthy life. We also know the phrase “health is wealth”, but unfortunately not many of us (may be you are included) do not practice what we know in our practical life. Walking is such a physical activity which has enormous health benefit in our entire life. Walking is also such an activity (better to say aerobic physical exercise) which every able bodied person can do and maintain. For lifelong continuation walking is a very good exercise, which can be continued for life, including at old age unlike other exercises which may not be able to continue at old age as they are comparatively heavy and need dedication for continuation.

We all know the health benefits of walking and other aerobic physical activities. But some of the health benefits of walking are discussed here. The most important health benefit of walking is the benefit it can give to the heart and cardiovascular system. Regular walking can help in keeping the coronary arteries patent by not allowing the cholesterol to get deposited in the walls of coronary arteries. Walking if continued along with dietary modification is one of the best approaches a heart patient can take. Walking with dietary modification can also help a diabetic to control his/her blood sugar level and in many cases this combination is all that is required to control blood sugar. Dietary modification and walking can delay appearance of diabetes by several years and in the initial stage of diabetes dietary modification and exercise is all that may be required for maintaining normal blood sugar level. Read more…

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Four Important Points to Consider Before Buying Health Insurance

ID-100176423Health insurance or medical insurance is a contract between you (client/customer) and an insurance company that provide health insurance service to its clients. The client may be your employer, who buys health insurance for its employees, as mandated by Governments of various countries. Sometimes Govt. also provides health insurance cover to its citizens. In many countries having health insurance is compulsory for every citizen. Even if health insurance is not compulsory in your country, it is advisable to have health insurance. We all should have health insurance and protect our health.


This is one of the most important aspects to consider. The premium of health insurance you buy should be within your limit and affordable to you. One cannot buy a health insurance policy that is beyond financial limit. Select a health insurance that cover most of you healthcare needs and is affordable for you.


Exclusions are the medical conditions that are not covered under a health insurance policy. For example, in most of the cases, pregnancy is not covered under health insurance. There may also be many other medical conditions that may not be covered in a health insurance policy. If you have a medical condition that is not covered under a health insurance policy, there is no use buying such as health insurance plan. If you suffer from any medical condition that is included in exclusions, you have to pay from your pocket for treatment of such conditions, even if you have health insurance.

Common exclusions include ageing, puberty, menopause, pregnancy and delivery, contraception, change of male to female or female to male, plastic surgery procedures, dental treatments, dyslexia, various chronic medical conditions, HIV/AIDS etc. The list is much longer and various health insurance policies have different exclusions. Look for exclusions carefully, before buying health insurance.


Copayments is the amount of money the insurer has to pay from his/her pocket, before availing a service through a health insurance plan. For example, you may have to pay £20 for doctor’s visit. Make sure to find out about co-payments before buying a health insurance plan.

Network of service:

Make sure that your nearest hospital/clinic or your favorite hospital or doctor is on the network of the insurance company before you buy a health insurance plan. There is no use, if your nearest medical facility is not in the network of you insurance provider, as you can not avail the service. If you avail the service, you have to pay from your pocket, despite having health insurance.

If you are a resident of United Kingdom, you have several insurance companies that provide health insurance such as AXA, Aviva UK, Bupa, Prudential Health and many more. In the United States the list of insurance companies providing health insurance is much longer and include Allied Insurance, Berkshire Hathaway, CAN financial, Erie Insurance group, FM global etc. to name a few. The full list is much longer.


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Top Unhealthy Jobs and How to Counter Them

ID-10042925Unless you’re a fitness coach or park ranger, you might not consider your job to be a healthy one. However, certain jobs are worse for your health than others. Fortunately, you aren’t living at your workplace, so it is possible to counteract the unhealthy side of earning money.

The Worst Jobs for Your Health

When it comes to the unhealthiest jobs, stressful positions rank pretty high. High stress jobs can wreak havoc on your health. Lawyers are some of the most stressed people around, but they aren’t the only ones. Soldiers also fall into this category, with extremely stressful jobs that can result in post traumatic stress syndrome, among many other problems.

If you work as a police officer or firefighter, you are at higher risk for having a heart attack. While most people realize that these public servants are more likely to be injured or killed on the job, the long hours, poor nutrition and lack of sleep also contributes to poor health.

Shift workers in hospitals face many of the same issues as police and firefighters. In addition to very long shifts, nurses and ER doctors find themselves working in stressful conditions consistently. They rarely have time to eat a proper meal and poor eating habits can cause long term health problems.

Office workers also tend to be unhealthy as a whole. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day puts you at risk for eye strain, repetitive stress syndrome and back pain. Working at a desk can also lead to obesity, which brings a host of other problems with it. Read more…

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Risk of HIV Transmission Among Healthcare Workers

ID-100148703The problem with a viral infection is the non availability of curative anti viral antibiotics or in other words at present there is no viral infection which can be cured with presently available medicines. Most common viral infections such as common cold or flu are managed symptomatically and fortunately infections like flu subside by itself with time and symptomatic management.

HIV infection is a fatal infection. An HIV infected individual will eventually succumb to the infection, although the duration of survival varies from person to person after contacting HIV infection. There are no antiviral medicines which can destroy or eliminate HIV from an infected individual. Not only HIV, at present there is no antiviral medicine which can effectively eliminate a viral infection, the way antibacterial antibiotics can eliminate bacterial infection. Read more…

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