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Causes of Thiamin Deficiency

ID-10020284Most common cause of deficiency of thiamin (vitamin B1) is poor dietary intake of thiamin. The cause of deficiency of thiamin is different in different countries. Depending on the local customs and traditions the cause of thiamin deficiency is different in different geographical areas (different in different regions of a country).

In most of the developed western countries the causes of deficiency of thiamin are alcoholism and chronic illness like cancer. Alcohol directly interferes with the absorption of thiamin and also with formation of thiamin pyrophosphate. Thiamin should always be replenished when re-feeding a patient with alcoholism. Carbohydrate repletion in a patient with alcoholism without adequate thiamine can precipitate acute thiamine deficiency (because the thiamin present will be utilized for metabolism of carbohydrate). Pregnant women with prolonged hyperemesis gravidarum (excess vomiting during pregnancy) and anorexia can also develop thiamin deficiency.  Patients with an overall poor nutritional status (parenteral glucose), and patients on chronic diuretic therapy due to increased urinary thiamine losses are at risk of developing of thiamin deficiency. Maternal thiamine deficiency can lead to infantile deficiency (infantile beriberi) in breastfed children. Thiamine deficiency should also be considered in the setting of motor vehicle accidents associated with head injury. Read more…

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Egyptian Medicine to the Rescue: Aspirin

ID-10073271Aspirin has long been used for pain relief and combating against headaches. This simple little pill has worked wonders by providing millions of people all over the world with relief from common everyday symptoms. What doctors are discovering more and more, however, and what most people are just beginning to realize, is that aspirin is capable of so much more than pain relief. From heart attacks to cancer, it seems as though there is almost nothing that aspirin cannot help to prevent. And the history of aspirin is just as surprising, as it goes back thousands of years all the way to the Ancient Egyptians. This article will look at how those Egyptians first used a form of aspirin, and what aspirin can do for millions of people today.

An ancient form of medicine

Many people assume that aspirin is the result of 20th-century laboratories and scientific research. While it is certainly true that modern day aspirin was born more in the lab than anywhere else, the active ingredient in aspirin goes much further back than the 20th-century. In fact, historians have learned that the Ancient Egyptians were using willow bark in order to treat many of the same symptoms that people use aspirin for today. The use of willow bark was not based on ancient superstition; rather, it contained the same active ingredient that aspirin contains today, meaning the Ancient Egyptians were thousands of years ahead of their time when it came to medical treatment. Read more…

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What are the Deficiency Disorders of Niacin?

ID-100141688Deficiency of niacin causes pellagra. Pellagra was once a widespread disease, especially in certain areas. It was highly prevalent in certain poor regions of the world due to malnutrition. At present pellagra has declined significantly throughout the world, but pellagra is still prevalent in some parts of the world like Western parts of Asia and Southern parts of Africa, as in these regions poor people sustain only on maize and little else and in the maize niacin is present in the “bound” form and not available for use by human body. Human body can not free the bound form of niacin from maize.

Pellagra is traditionally a disease of maize eating regions, where maize is the staple diet and it occurs among poor people as they eat mainly maize and very little else and do not get enough niacin from other food sources (as they consume very little of other foods). That is why pellagra is still prevalent in many maize eating areas of the world where poverty is still predominant.

Although pellagra is predominantly a disease of maize eating regions in some parts of India (like in some segment of Telangana area of Andhra Pradesh State of India) pellagra is reported. In a study it was found that the pellagra in that area is due to consumption of Sorghum vulgare (locally known as jowar) as staple diet and traditionally people are pure vegetarians in the area and do not consume milk or foods of other animal origin. In the study it was found that there is excess of an amino acid leucin in Sorghum vulgare or jowar, which cause imbalance in amino acids and excess leucin interfere with conversion of tryptophan to niacin, thereby causing deficiency of niacin and consequently pellagra results. Read more…

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Go for E- Cigarettes a New Style to Show Your Choice

ID-10027767Electronic cigarettes are now popular among people in different parts of the world. This is just like a new fashion in these days; People those who are suffering due to excessive smoking finds a new solution by consuming these electronic cigarettes. These sorts of cigarettes are free from tobacco and the nicotine level can be controlled too. The main advantage of these electronic cigarettes are, these are free from any sort of side effects as well as these are tobacco free and as no smoke comes out then no way of passive smoking.

There are several brands those use to offer electronic cigarettes; among these Halo is the pioneer in this era. This brand offers their product for $ 50 and the product kit includes two batteries along with one wall charger, two blank customizers, five filled customizers, followed by usb adaptor, customizer case, a tin and a manual too. If you are interested to experience different flavours then you must have to go for it. Apart from this brand there are several e cig brands like V 2 cigs, BLU CIGS, Apollo, vapour king, 7’s, Smoke tip etc. are famous worldwide.

You just have to buy the flavours after they finishes. These cigarettes contain microprocessors within the setup which regulates thevapour and help the users to set the pressure before puffing. Also there is another pressure sensor that improves the vaporing system a lot that offers consumption of energy before puffing; these e cigarettes has a LED on its tip which makes it look like a regular cigarette and whenever this red light that indicates it is now ready for inhalation. To buy e cigarettes online you can log on to and go for, buy e cigs online to experience something new.


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Should You Use Phentermine?

ID-10073371Phentermine is an appetite suppressant drug that is approved (including USFDA) for use in obesity. Since 1959, the year of FDA approval of Phentermine, it is being used for various medical conditions, including weight reduction in obese people. Phentermine is an amphetamine class drug with many similarities to amphetamine. Phentermine should not be used for more than 2-3 month as it does not have weight loss effect after 2-3 months of use, as Phentermine develops tolerance to the appetite suppressant effect and if continued for more than 3 months it may cause rebound weight gain, which will frustrate the obese person taking Phentermine.

If dietary restriction, regular physical exercise lifestyle modification etc. (which are general measures of weight loss program) are not followed strictly, Phentermine may not give the desired results and fail to reduce weight in obese individuals. All these general measures are also required for maintaining body weight after losing it, as Phentermine is not useful in maintaining normal body weight after bringing it down to normal.

Obese people:

Phentermine can be used by obese people to reduce body weight. Obesity is the term used when BMI (body mass index) of a person is more than 30, which is below 25 in normal individuals. If a person’s BMI is 25 to 30 it is termed overweight. Phentermine should be used by obese individuals (and preferably by individuals with BMI more than 35 when some other medication or method of weight reduction like diet and regular physical exercise has failed) only and not by overweight persons. Phentermine should not be used as first line treatment of obesity, it should be used for short term of 2-3 months only and when other methods are not working or suitable for a particular obese person. All these precautions are taken before starting Phentermine, because of addiction liability and certain potentially serious side effects and also Phentermine is not useful in long run. Phentermine can help in reducing weight in obese individuals, if combined with exercise, diet and behavior modification, but it can not sustain normal body weight in long term and for this reason Phentermine used for short term only. Read more…

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Healthy and Happy: The Best Ways to Achieve the Perfect Body

ID-100116195We live in a world that is image conscious, the way we look, the clothes we choose to wear they all add to the overall look and the way people perceive us. Our appearance can have an impact on our confidence, our happiness and the way in which we present ourselves. Society has specific ideals about how men and women should look and guides us in the choices we make regarding everything appearance based. The clothes we choose, the hairstyles we have, the things we are into in terms of activities and hobbies, are all directed by what society considers to be fashionable. Our bodies are the biggest bone of contention for many of us and there are diets, workouts, tools and solutions to our happiness about our figures. To lose weight, tone the body of overhaul your appearance you need to undertake a sensible strategy that will not have a negative impact on your health and will allow you to see results through hard work and dedication. The best treadmills and exercise equipment, the best foods and dietary supplements all need to be researched before a diet and exercise plan is begun, a lack of knowledge will result in a lack of results.



Take your information before you begin your exercise plan, make a note of your weight, height, measurements and BMI so you know your starting from and will be able to create a fitness plan accordingly.



You need to decide what it is you wish to achieve, whether it is to lose weight or simply tone your body there are exercises and routines that are perfect for your goal. You need to decide on areas that not only help achieve the end result but that will maintain your interest and motivation. Read more…

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Your Child’s Teeth: Challenges of Cleft Palate

ID-10092438Children born with cleft palate have quite a few challenges, including their teeth. Your child’s teeth may not be your first priority, but it is one that can affect future development. Educate yourself on what to expect and how to help your child maintain good oral hygiene.

Understanding Cleft Palate

Around 2,651 babies annually are born with a cleft palate. A cleft is an opening in the roof of the mouth. In some cases, babies may also have an opening in the lip. The cleft occurs when the lip or mouth doesn’t correctly form in the early weeks of pregnancy.

No one knows the exact cause of cleft palate, but there seem to be links to the mother’s diet, as well as medication. There may also be a genetic link.

How Clefts Affect Teeth

Your child will need extra dental care to ensure his teeth come through properly. The cleft palate can affect the position and the shape of the baby’s teeth, as well as how many will grow. Often, teeth do not appear in the cleft area, or you may see two of the same tooth, one on each side of the cleft. Your little one will still be able to enjoy a full smile. Read more…

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Wine and Barrett’s Esophagus

ID-10052469Barrett’s esophagus is a condition of esophagus in which condition the normal epithelial lining of the esophagus is replaced by abnormal cells generally due to reflux (known as chronic GERD or gastro-esophageal reflux disease) of the stomach contents (mainly gastric acid and bile) to the esophagus. Some patients with reflux of the stomach contents to the esophagus may develop ulcer and due to ulcer the esophagus may become narrow and rarely some patients may develop esophageal cancer.

Wine seems to reduce and protect from development of Barrett’s esophagus, so is higher educational status (although the reason is not clear but thought to be related to wine drinking and college degree). Studies in US (California) involving patients with diagnosed Barrett’s esophagus found that the patients with Barrett’s esophagus had a 30 fold to 125 fold increased risk of developing esophageal cancer when compared to the general population. Read more…

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