Health Benefits of Walking

ID-100161844We all know walking and other physical activities and physical exercise, especially aerobic physical exercise is beneficial to us to live a healthy life. We also know the phrase “health is wealth”, but unfortunately not many of us (may be you are included) do not practice what we know in our practical life. Walking is such a physical activity which has enormous health benefit in our entire life. Walking is also such an activity (better to say aerobic physical exercise) which every able bodied person can do and maintain. For lifelong continuation walking is a very good exercise, which can be continued for life, including at old age unlike other exercises which may not be able to continue at old age as they are comparatively heavy and need dedication for continuation.

We all know the health benefits of walking and other aerobic physical activities. But some of the health benefits of walking are discussed here. The most important health benefit of walking is the benefit it can give to the heart and cardiovascular system. Regular walking can help in keeping the coronary arteries patent by not allowing the cholesterol to get deposited in the walls of coronary arteries. Walking if continued along with dietary modification is one of the best approaches a heart patient can take. Walking with dietary modification can also help a diabetic to control his/her blood sugar level and in many cases this combination is all that is required to control blood sugar. Dietary modification and walking can delay appearance of diabetes by several years and in the initial stage of diabetes dietary modification and exercise is all that may be required for maintaining normal blood sugar level.

Walking also helps to control hypertension or high blood pressure and walking is one of the best approaches a hypertensive person can take. By keeping blood pressure within normal limit it is possible to prevent cardiovascular diseases at bay. Hypertension is the main culprit in cardiovascular diseases which initiates the disease process.

Other than diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases walking is also good for health in general (for maintenance of optimal health).

It is important to know how much walking is good for health. To get the maximum health benefits of walking it is advised by the medical experts that a person (normal individuals as well as for persons suffering from disease) should walk minimum of 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days a week which is150 minutes per week. If you can walk 7 days a week and for more than 30 minutes a day, it will be more beneficial.

So, let’s walk for good health.


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