Uses of Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs are used by almost all the medical professionals, in other words by all whosoever needs to interact with patients and not only by doctors and nurses. There are several uses of medical scrubs.

Medical scrubs are most commonly used to prevent the dress from soiling while handling patients or handling the samples of patients such as blood, urine, sputum etc. Wearing of medical scrub while working by medical professionals can be of great help by preventing soiling of the dress and also by preventing the medical professional from coming in contact with blood, urine, sputum etc. of patients. Use of medical scrubs can also help in preventing of minimizing the spread of infection from one patient to another as well as from patients to medical professional.

Medical scrubs are also used by many hospitals to identify members of various departments, by providing them with different colors. For example, in many hospitals pink or lavender apparels (medical scrubs) are given to the working in the labor and delivery department, light blue outfits are given to surgery, and dark green or blue for those in the emergency room. Medical scrubs can also contain logo of the particular hospital which helps in identification.

The medical scrubs used by the surgeons in operation rooms are of green color, because of the bright light in the operation rooms and green color is the most pleasant to the eyes, which can reduce the eye fatigue for the surgeon and thereby reduce the fatigue in general.