What You Should Know About Discount Prescription Cards

ID-100143428If you are struggling with a lifelong illness or disease, there is no escape from prescription fees, but if you are one of the millions in the U.S. without insurance, your troubles are worse than most. Those living with diabetes have no choice but to take medication to regulate their blood sugar, but without insurance you may find yourself giving up food in order to pay for your medications. There is hope with a legitimate discount prescription card. These cards offer discounts on all your medications, with the addition of onglyza coupons to help you save even more. No longer will you have to struggle underneath the weight of necessary prescriptions, you can trust the right company to put money back into your pocket.

Discount Cards Are Not Insurance

Be wary of companies claiming to act as insurance and who charge you fees to use their cards. The right cards are free and provide deals that benefit both you and the stores that accept them. Often you can even use these cards with the insurance you do have to fill in the gaps when buying prescriptions. These cards provide you rates that match the rates given to those holding insurance cards from preferred networks or large insurance companies.

What to Expect

The right company will provide you with discounts that are free to you. It works much like coupons, wherein the store owner benefits from you being in their store, while the discount card company will often receive money from the store as repayment for the business. You should choose a card company who is accepted at major stores, as you don’t want to be forced to travel long distances to the nearest store who accepts the card. You also want to ensure that they offer the most deals on medicines relevant to your condition. Although many offer deals on name brand products, be willing to use generic brands for greater savings.


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