Health Caring of Sperm Content to Get Offspring

The quality of semen is determined by the number and quality of sperm to initiate the fertilization process. Therefore, it can be said that the number and quality of sperm are markers of male fertility.

Sperm cells have a short life span and cannot divide. However, after joining the egg, both can develop into a new organism called a zygote.

Recognizing Sperm Cells

In general, the structure of the sperm consists of a head, body, and tail. Each part of the sperm has a different function and content, namely:

  • Head
    Consists of densely coiled chromatin fibers surrounded by the acrosome. This part contains the enzymes used to penetrate the female egg. At fertilization, the DNA contained in the sperm head will combine with the DNA from the female egg cell.
  • Body
    In this section there are mitochondria, which are in charge of producing energy for the tail to move.
  • Tail
    The part that moves the sperm to meet the egg.

DNA damage in sperm cells can cause damage or impaired growth of the fetus. While the integrity of the structure of the tail, body, and head of sperm, greatly determines its quality. If the sperm cell is immature, or not perfect, then the egg cannot be fertilized so pregnancy does not occur.

What should be done so that the sperm content is normal?

Sperm is considered ideal if more than 50% of the sperm cells produced are of normal shape. Male fertility will decrease if the number is less than that. In addition, sperm is said to be ideal if more than 50% of sperm cells can move about one hour after ejaculation. The speed of movement of sperm is important to reach the egg, so fertilization can occur.

Normal sperm has a pH level of around 7.2 – 7.8. Then, the volume of semen (where sperm shelter) should be more than 2 millimeters. Seminal fluid that is less than this volume, can affect the number of sperm to fertilize an egg. But excess volume of seminal fluid is also not good, because it indicates that the sperm is too diluted. When viewed in terms of color, white semen and tends to be gray is considered a healthy color.

There are simple ways that can be done to maintain the health of intimate organs and normal sperm content, in order to support efforts to get offspring:

  • Avoid risky sexual behavior, wear a condom when having sex to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Keep the penis clean regularly.
  • Wear loose and comfortable underwear to keep the testes temperature and blood flowing properly.
  • Maintain ideal body weight.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Set a healthy diet and contain balanced nutrition.
  • Stop smoking, consuming alcoholic beverages, and using illegal drugs.
  • Take vitamins or supplements that contain antioxidants as recommended by your doctor.
  • Manage stress well.

For men who are trying to get offspring, start getting used to a healthy lifestyle to maintain and improve sperm quality. If you have problems with sperm content or fertility, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor for proper treatment.

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